If you are struggling with any aspect of your place within the dance world, let me coach you! It can be tough being a dancer at any stage of your learning, no matter if you are a student defining your next steps and artistic voice, or a seasoned professional ready to make a transition into a new career, having a life coach by your side can bring with it an amazing value of support and clarity.

I have some special gifts that I bring to each of my sessions, as I am an intuitive, not a psychic mind you, but an intuitive that can see the energy patterning around anything your are wanting guidance. I work quite quickly, which adds in a depth beginning with the first session. I can understand and witness first hand the energy cycles you may be walking through, which also allows me clarity around any blocks that may be present as well.  

My sessions are designed around you and your needs. They may be by phone or in-person, either one is effective. We start with a simple Introductory Session that is a touch longer than an hour, so that we have the time we need to design your action steps moving forward. A great additional tool for this first session is the purchase of the Artistry Workbook, as I can use it as a resource and pull out the chapters and questions that will best support you.

INTRODUCTORY SESSION: 1 hour 30 min session ---$150 *** This is perfect for the dancer who is in transition with their dance career and next steps.

For this session, I send you an Introductory Packet with pre-work questions to do prior to our set appointment. I rely on the information I receive beforehand to piece together intuitive information around who you are and where you are heading with your next steps. It is a very informative and full session.

Follow Up Session: this is decided after the Introductory Session is complete. I have a set system that I use moving forward from here.

For more information about my style of coaching and my background,  please go to my personal coaching website www.corinnehaas.com.