"The inspiration for this workbook came one evening in my weekly three hour meditation practice. It was given to me from somewhere deep within and somewhere very far away. I could have dismissed this guidance as something unnecessary or too time consuming with my full life, but instead, I chose to honor what I was 'told' and began the process of writing."

Corinne brings her present experience as a Creativity Coach and her extensive professional background, as both a Classical and Contemporary Dancer, into this workbook. She received her early training in classical ballet from San Francisco Ballet, and then went on to dance professionally for 15 years. The company most closely aligned with her heart is Alonzo King LINES Ballet, where she grew into contemporary work and her own artistry more fully. She graduated from St. Mary's College LEAP Program, where she was able to combine her love of learning and continue her dancing career. She has contributed to Dance Magazine and has begun to teach workshops based on the Artistry Workbook--LINES Training Program, LINES BFA Program, LINES Summer Intensive, Mills College Graduate Program, Five Point Dancer Theory Intensive. Corinne lives in San Francisco with her husband, Christopher Haas, and two boys. She has a successful personal coaching business, Transformational Coaching for Women http://www.corinnehaas.com. which has given her a wealth of experience and information on learning how to help women change their lives. She invites you to delve into the exploration of you by allowing this workbook to be your source of inspiration!

"There is a melding point held somewhere deep within us where artistry and spirituality become one. They connect, hold hands, and are interchangeable. The external expression of our artistry through movement is the internal opening of our spirituality in form." 

Artistry Workbook