The Artistry Workbook is an invitation to take time and discover who you are as an Individual, Dancer, and Artist. Through my background as a professional dancer LINES Ballet, contributing writer DANCE Magazine, and life coach for creative-- Transformational Coaching for Women, I have designed a workbook to support you step- by- step through deep questioning and exercises that will uncover the hidden YOU and bring that person to the forefront of your dancing and into the creation of your life. 

Why this workbook is a bit different? Rather than relying on the traditional ways of story and expression to develop our dance artistry, I have brought in the chakra energy system. as a specific framework to begin a deeper discussion about our personal artistry. I have chosen 3 Focused Energy Points that our artistry shines through while we are dancing. These points go beyond our technique and physical appearance to get at the underlying energy flow that we are working with each day to internally develop our artistic expression. Being a dancer is such a specialized network of using body, mind, and spirit--- so we must begin developing 'the whole person' by understanding who we are, what we want to say, and how we connect to that flow of creative energy and what blocks it.

It is through a journey of Self and Individuality that our Artistic Voice and Vision naturally come into view. The workbook is based on the concept that as dancers we need specific visual tools to access our personal artistry, which work in parallel to the tools we use to develop our technique daily. 

"I am in a pre-professional training program where my peers and I are taught to strive for artistic growth; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Corinne's workbook provides guidance to achieve this kind of growth by delivering enlightening information in an accessible and organized format. Understanding dance as an experience of mind, body, and soul is essential for an aspiring professional dancer, and this book provides the tools. I encourage dancers to grab ahold of this workbook and begin a journey of inspiration and self discovery." Sienna Calvin LINES Ballet Pre-Professional Training Program.

"Artistry may live with anything you do. Artistry is the approach, rather than the outcome. When we isolate the approach into intuitive depth, deep listening, and creative impulse we are then using our Artistry Body to its fullest to guide our every step." The Artistry Workbook.

  • The Artistry Workbook offers a fresh perspective on the development of one's artistry through the understanding of YOU as an individual first and foremost.
  • It develops a new foundation and framework to use as your map of accessing your fullest self.
  •  It is clearly written and organized into sections to enhance compartmentalized learning of an expansive subject.
  • It is designed with a classical, contemporary, and modern dancer in mind.
  • It is simply organized into 4 Chapters: Inner Body, Outer body, Energy Body, and Artistry Body. Which relate to these 4 Concepts: Individuality, Dance Purpose, Creative Flow, and Artistic Expression.

"As dancers we know when we are experiencing great Artistry because we feel it-- we feel it in our hearts."